The new polycarbonate sheet standing seam technology delivers the strength, longevity, clarity, and thermal insulation of PC multiwall sheet. It allows architects and builders to create sustainable and beautiful translucent roofing and other glazing elements.

Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet can be used in various applications

  • commercial greenhouses
  • home greenhouses
  • skylights
  • canopies
  • sheds
  • walkways
  • sunrooms
  • patio covering
  • pool enclosures


High Light Transmission

Polycarbonate multiwall sheet allows for a high light transmission while blocking harmful ultra violet rays. In addition, they provide great thermal insulation.



Due to multiwall uncompromised structure polycarbonate sheet is very durable, and at the same time very light in weight. It is stronger than acrylic and stronger than glass.


Easy to fabricate on site

Highly flexible and can be easily cold formed and will not crack or splinter when fabricated.


Standing Seam Roof Integration

Seamless integration with existing seam roof systems, that allows adding additional light without having to deal with skylights.